Microsoft-Yahoo! Search Alliance expands to five markets globally

Search AllianceThe Microsoft-Yahoo! Search Alliance had been granted approval by the EU almost a year ago, and back in August 2010, the Search Alliance announced that all Yahoo! organic searches in US and Canada had been transitioned to be "powered by Bing". Today, the Search Alliance had reached another milestone, with an announcement from Kartik Ramakrishnan, Vice President of Yahoo! Search Transition:

The Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance team has reached yet another important milestone today. As planned, we are moving forward with the global transition of certain Yahoo! Search back-end functions to Microsoft’s search platform, and have just completed this process for organic search in Australia, Brazil and Mexico.  This news is another step forward for the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance as we continue our efforts for a quality transition with our worldwide advertisers and partners.

We look forward to updating you with more news on our progress as we bring the benefits of our combined marketplace to customers around the globe.

It is expected that the transition will fully complete globally by the end of 2012. For more about the history of the Microsoft-Yahoo! partnership, check out our past coverage.

Thanks for the heads up!