CES News: Hot Apps, MS Press Conference, more

The news is heating up from CES, and just posted over at Channel 9 is a special CES edition of Laura Foy’s Hot Apps, taking a look at new Xbox Live Apps for Window Phone 7:

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Hot Apps for Windows Phone: CES Edition

Our friends Long Zheng from istartedsomething.com and Tom Warren from Winrumors.com are joining forces to liveblog a Microsoft press conference from CES, due to start at 1pm PST.  You can catch the liveblog from their sites and we’ll have more on the announcements soon.

And in a bit of other news, AT&T, while it spent most of its press conference touting its new “4g” LTE services and lots of new Android phones, did announce that “Windows Phone 7 sales have increased steadily since its launch”, according to the Boy Genius Report.

We’ll have lots more on the announcements coming from CES and what they may mean, including coverage of Steve Ballmer’s keynote at 6:30pm tonite (PST).