Windows Phone 7 codenamed “No Donuts” update details leaked ahead of CES

Last month we told you details about the upcoming Windows Phone 7 updates codenamed “Mango”, as well as details about the two smaller updates to be released during early 2011, one of which is supposedly to be announced during CES 2011 during Steve Ballmer’s keynote tomorrow.

It appears Paul Thurrott on Windows Phone Secrets has jumped ahead and posted details about the upcoming Windows Phone 7 updates. He mentioned that the first update, which is set to be unveiled during CES 2011, is codenamed “No Donut”, or internally known as “NoDo” (a take on Android’s “Donut” update?). This is consistent with previous reports and will bring us the promised copy and paste functionality, support for the Qualcomm 7×30 smart phone chipset, a CDMA location stack, and a number of software fixes. According to Engadget, the Qualcomm 7×30 chipset supports HDMI output and the ability to playback 720p video on both the phone and the HDTV, as well as support for Flash 10.1.

Thurrott also mentioned details about the major update codenamed “Mango”. Consistent with previous reports, it will add Internet Explorer 9 with the Trident 5 rendering engine, HTML 5 and Silverlight, and gesture support. Currently, according to Thurrott, the “Mango” update is being developed as part of the “75xx” or “entertainment” code branch, and is being labelled as Windows Phone 7.2 internally. As part of this update, Thurrott also suggests that there will be other non-IE related additional functionality as well. While Thurrott is unsure about the timing of the “Mango” release, we’ve previously reported rumours that it will be coming around August to September 2011.

While Thurrott said that Microsoft will not ship fixes for individual issues but rather release them in update cycles (much like how updates for Windows is released), it is worth mentioning that there will be updates between “No Donuts” and “Mango”. We’ve previously reported that there will be a second update to be announced during Mobile World Congress in February which will bring new APIs with greater multi-tasking support, in-app downloads, and better end-user customizations. Let’s hope that this rumour remains true.