The future of Bing Mobile: Panorama Maker, Street Slide, and Bing Vision

Microsoft just brought us a major update for Bing today, and in particular for Bing Mobile for iPhone and Android, we’re getting updates such as OpenTable and Grubhub ordering and reservation, Streetside imagery, “check-in” functionality, and real-time public transit information. Interestingly, there were no mention of Bing Mobile update for the just-released Windows Phone 7. The truth is, as Bing is an integral part of Windows Phone 7, updates to Bing on WP7 will be released as part of the mobile OS’s update. So fear not, all the announced new features on Bing Mobile will be coming, hopefully via the updates in early 2011. In fact, there might possibly be additional features coming to Bing Mobile, as reported on These include Panorama Maker, Microsoft Research’s Street Slide, and what is called “Bing Vision”. Check out the video below for a demo of each of these new features:

Upcoming Bing Mobile features: Panorama Maker, Street Slide, and Bing Vision. Video Courtesy of

Pretty cool huh? While the demo was shown using an iPhone, the UI of the app definitely have a “metro” feel to it (imagine it was using the Segoe UI font, which isn’t supported on the iOS). Plus the fact that the Microsoft spokesperson indicated that these features will be coming to Windows Phone 7 “soon”, we believe that a Windows Phone 7 version is definitely already in the making. Stay tuned!