Windows Live Essentials 2011 QFE released: you can update now

Thanks to a tip from our friends at, we learn tonight that there’s been a QFE (Quick Fix Engineering – meaning a bug fix update, not UI changes) for almost all of Windows Live Essentials, updating most of the programs (only Windows Live Mesh and Windows Live Family Safety aren’t updated) from version 15.4.3502.0922 to 15.4.3508.1109.


In order to update, you just need to rerun Windows Live Essentials from, and reboot. noted a few changes:

  • Windows Live Writer 2011: inability to use the "Alt Gr" key combination to perform some special characters in a French keyboard (like the characters # {~ etc.})
  • Windows Live Mail 2011: addition of the character # at the end of each sending of mails if Internet Explorer 9 is installed
  • Due to Internet Explorer 9 BETA bug fixes

(translated by Bing)

We’re just installing it here, and our hard drive is churning as it re-indexes, apparently, but let us know if you notice any changes/bug fixes.

Update: Microsoft Support article KB2520039 now details the following updates:

  • In Messenger, we fixed a couple of issues where in some cases you could not re-establish video calls or file sharing activities after losing your network connection. Also, sometimes your status messages and display picture were not synchronizing correctly between PCs, so you’d see a notification that changes made would not be seen on other computers. We also made various performance and stability improvements.
  • In Photo Gallery, we made a design change so that geotagging no longer overwrites GPS coordinates in image files. Another issue resolved in Photo Gallery is related to terms of usage. In certain conditions, users who declined the terms of usage were shown the screen again until they accepted the terms of usage. This has now been fixed. Users who decline the terms of usage once are not shown the screen again.
  • We corrected various problems with language translations for our international versions.