decommission delayed until March 30, 2010

While we thought (also known as Windows Live Personalized Experience) was supposed to be discontinued yesterday, it seems like Microsoft has quietly delayed the date to March 30, 2010, fifteen days later than the original planned decommission date: discontinued

This provides users who wasn’t aware of this (pretty hard not to notice the red bar on your homepage!) extra time to backup and export their feeds to an OPML file for use on other sites or RSS feeds that supports this format. Unfortunately, the service they recommend you to migrate to, MyMSN, does not support OPML import. Here’s a step-by-step guide provided by Microsoft on how to export your OPML file:

To export to OPML, follow the steps below:
1. Click on "Add Content"
2. Choose "Advanced Options"
3. At the bottom of the options box, select "Click here to export to OPML"

While we’re unsure of the exact reasons of this delay, we do think that the original planned decommission date do tend to coincide with the first day of MIX 2010, and don’t forget that rumours were previously flying around about seeing Wave 4 bits at this year’s MIX (although reality proved us with great disappointment). So our speculative question comes in – is this delay somehow related to Wave 4? Do remember that Windows Live Events will also be fully decommissioned in April 2010. Are these dates purely coincidental? Or are they preparing for something big around these dates? We shall wait and see…