Introducing the new Windows Live Solution Center – now expanded beyond Hotmail support

Windows Live Solution Center Back in 2008, Microsoft introduced the Windows Live Solution Center (WLSC), originally intended to focus on problems and solutions specifically for Hotmail. Today upon visiting the website, it seems like Microsoft recently updated Solution Center to support all Windows Live services. Not only this, but Microsoft is making WLSC the “evolution of consumer support for all Windows Live products”. What this means is that Microsoft no longer offers Windows Live email support to its users, and instead the Windows Live support team (those tagged with “Windows Live” or “MSFT” in their username in the Solution Center) will provide 24/7 support to its customers using the forums on Solution Center. Do note that email support is still available for Windows Live paid subscription customers for Billing enquiries and problems. Here’s an excerpt from the FAQ as to why Microsoft decided to change their Windows Live customer support offering:

Why did Microsoft change Windows Live support offering?
Microsoft understands that users don’t want to email a support agent unless they absolutely have to.  Users want the ability to solve their own problem – and solve it quickly. Windows Live Solutions Center brings together the expertise of skilled moderators, Windows Live employees, and knowledgeable customers.  Customers will be closer to the latest information than ever before. WLSC deepens customer relationship by offering timely and relevant solutions along with educational resources; reinforcing the Microsoft brand values and fostering loyalty and earning customer trust.

How does this make getting support easier/better?
Customers now have access to all the latest support content and the Windows Live communities, which includes moderators, at all times.  Prior to WLSC, a customer had to wait for an agent to respond to their question before getting an answer via email. Now that same customer using Windows Live Solutions Center can get answers faster than ever before; whether it’s an error message that links right to a WLSC solution, or a solution to top issues, or a community providing expert answers to other similar questions, WLSC is a whole new way of bringing experts and answers together.

When a definitive solution to a known problem or a blog entry from one of the Windows Live team is available, it will be marked as a “Microsoft Certified Solution” in the Solution Center, enabling users immediate access to solving common problems or obtain the latest information on Windows Live services. If customers require additional support or need to provide personal information, 1-on-1 private messaging between customers and a Microsoft representative is also available.

You can visit Windows Live Solution Center at