An update for OpenID support in Windows Live ID

Windows Live ID Those who remember back in last year’s PDC 2008 Microsoft announced that they will officially support OpenID in their Windows Live ID service. Almost 10 months later of testing with the CTP, the Windows Live ID team has finally updated their blog, and here’s the quick update:

The Production release of Windows Live ID’s OpenID Provider support will look significantly different from the CTP version, so we are in the process of closing the OpenID CTP endpoints to avoid any confusion.

Currently, we do not have a schedule that I can publicly share for when we will release full Production support of OpenID for Windows Live ID users, but rest assured that we are working actively to provide OpenID functionality to all of our 500+ million Windows Live ID users!

The team also announced that in the Production release users will no longer have to pre-create an OpenID alias for their Windows Live ID. Users will be able to use their existing Windows Live ID account credentials to sign in to OpenID sites directly. For more details, have a read of their blog post here!