New Messenger library – and a word about Windows Live Dev (

The latest tidbit on Windows Live Dev, a new version 2.0 of the Messenger library (you can get the messenger library from a .js url on the blog page).  Some worthwhile improvements to the library, of course, including sorted contacts lists, access to contact picture display links, sign in control color customization, new documentation, and more. 

The Messenger Library is only one of many content features on  We haven’t featured the site in quite a while, and since we kind of owe Angus for outing his fan club, we thought we would take a look around.

As you can see, site design and navigation are well done.  The site is easy to get around, while packing in lots of information:

devlive1 offers overviews of developer features of Windows Live and related products, as well as SDKs (Software Development Kits), and forums where you can post questions and/or find answers.  We’ve posted on it before, but a shining example of a great SDK is the Virtual Earth Interactive SDK


(composite picture showing each of the views you can click across the top to get)

A favorite project of Angus Logan’s – the Windows Live QuickApps, can be found at too.  They are functional starter apps using Windows Live resources that you can download, and use as is, or take apart and see how they work, or modify:


The Mashups section has been greatly enhanced, with lots of examples (195 so far!) of cool stuff you can do with Windows Live developer tools:


…and speaking of tools, don’t forget the Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio (now with the Virtual Earth control!):


Lots more on, too – including Live ID authentication, contacts and photo controls, Live Search, Silverlight Streaming, Feedsync, and more.  If you’re a developer looking for great tools, or a student or hobbyist just starting out, is a great resource.