Talking with Satya Nadella at Searchification

I had an opportunity to sit down with Satya Nadella, Corporate Vice President, Search & Advertising Platform Group, right after he presented at Searchification. We talked about the “super-positive” internal buzz within Microsoft about the new search, some strategies for how to increase search share (by going after the 70 million users of Live Search now, and the 500 million MSN users who may or may not be using Live Search as much as they could). I’ll be adding in some more notes this weekend, and getting our dev guy Scott to help with a Silverlight version, but for now in the interest of getting this out, here’s the unadorned .mp3 file. Enjoy (and thanks, Satya!)

Chapter Points:

0.00 Internal Beta + Employee Buzz
1.46 70m Live Search users – How to retain them with UI and features
3.31 Targeting the Windows Live and MSN users to increase search share
4.55 Branding issues – Will Live Search remain as Microsoft’s search brand? Satya neatly avoids the question.
5.50 Focus on over users – The 70m Live Search users come from MSN
7.57 Search: good user experience v advertising medium
10.27 This release of Live Search and the future
11.48 What is the one feature that needs the most work

LiveSide with Satya Nadella at Searchification (11.3mb, 12 minutes 50 seconds)

(updated in 2014, adding an HTML5 Audio player)