MSN Spaces and Microsoft Gadgets

The buzz around the Windows Live section of CES was the potential for using Gadgets on MSN Spaces. Apparently, Microsoft is considering, or even working on letting users place Microsoft Gadgets on their MSN Space.

Now, we already know that the Gadgets work with and the Windows Vista sidebar, but this is something that we really haven't seen much of yet. This could definately give the independent development of Microsoft Gadgets a much needed boost. As one person put it, "You could put a Pac-Man game on your Space just because you can." Another idea suggested is that you could write a gadget to put on your friend's Spaces. This would allow a whole new dynamic to enter into the Spaces community. It would give you the ability to control some form of content that you think is important to your circle of friends.

Microsoft Gadgets in general is something that I think will really take off in the next couple of years. With integration currently in and Windows Vista and future compatibility with mobile devices and beyond, Gadgets has infinite possibilities.

Stay tuned for more CES news.